Insight on vaping


Whether you’re a casual smoker or a one pack a day kind of smoker chances are you’ve heard of vaping. Some consider it to be hipster or fake smoking but it’s actually a really great, healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking. The money you spend on a machine can equal that of buying a carton but the vape machine is going to last you twice as long if not longer. Don’t be confused with the all too similar e-cigarette, that’s basically an electronic version of a cigarette. It still uses the same vapor technology but the hardware is similar to that of any filtered cigarette you can buy at your local gas station. When you make the switch to vaping from regular cigarettes you have to do a lot of research on what type of vaping machine would be good for you. You also have to keep your price range in mind when shopping around. The technology for e-cigarettes has been around since the 1960s. They weren’t mass produced or anything. Companies informed the creator, Herbert Gilbert, that consumers just were not ready for this type of product to be marketed to them. Fast forward to 2003 and that’s when the first e-cigarette really came to life. A common question about vaping is how do you get the same effect without any heat. Lighters and cigarettes go hand in hand, naturally. That’s where things get complicated as well. People like to compare cigarettes to vape machines when they’re completely different. They may have the same result but smoke and vapor are totally and completely different elements.

Ecig_usb_chargerE-cigarettes are basically running off a battery. A battery which is perfectly disposable and rechargeable. So this is where the economic proofing comes into play.

Not only are you able to continue smoking you’re perfectly capable of recharging the battery and smoking the next day without having to worry that you’ll run out of cigarettes before pay day. Vapor is also cleaner so while most people talk about how when they walk into grandma’s home they feel drenched in the smell of smoke. That doesn’t happen with a vape machine or e-cigarette. Before I mentioned that e-cigarettes and vape machines require a battery. The fun part about these technical wonders is that you can customize each inhale with a different flavor or ejuice. There’s different options to get this set up. I’ll get to detailing popular collections of flavors and ejuices, like Suicide Bunny, soon. But real quick I want to go over whether you want to pick a clearomizer or a cartomizer.

15318378208_4b3d79d626_b Cartomizers are very cheap they are about $1 or $2 USD each so it’s easy to keep quite a few of them on hand. The trouble with them though is that they are a pain to clean or nearly impossible to clean. That’s why you buy them in multiples so that you can dispose of them and just replace with a new one. Their impossibility to clean is what makes them so disposable so the more economic and environmentally friendly option is the clearomizer. They are bigger tanks and come in a high quality glass type or a cheap durable plastic type. These are not as disposable since you have the option to clean them out. Cartomizers are typically for new beginners to vaping and Clearomizers are usually seen with those who have vaping for a long time already.